T   H   E      B   E   T   T   E   R   S

Now the name "The Better" has been slightly added by "s" to call "The Betters"
for a better sense of feeling when one is calling the band name.   Beside, it signifies
something new that improves the band to be better and better.

The Better was formed in December 1999 by Aisoon together with former colleagues
(now separated).   The band of four guys had played continuous activities on various
shows in many concerts both domestically and overseas.   The Better has been
considered to be the first and formal Beatles tribute band of Thailand that exclusively
reproduces the Beatles music closest to the original.   During 5 years, it has been just
like the Beatles is still alive again on stage that the audience can sense and touch the
feelings like it was in the old days.   The band has been much appreciated not only by
Thai fans, but also a lot of expats and tourists.   At the beginning of 2005, there was a
reformation of the band.   Aisoon is still the key person and he welcomes Mr. Pharoe to
be another new key person.   Pharoe the person of high spirit of the Beatles and great
talent and very long experience in Beatles music is now playing a big role together with
Aisoon to carry on the band's concept to exist as long as possible in the Thai society for
those who are still enthusiastic.

The Betters is also pleased to introduce another 2 new colleagues Hasanai and Penn
who are also the most important mechanism of the band.   At the festival, the Betters will
perform a session each day and will welcome some guests to join in.

Before the reformation of the band, Aisoon was actually known as the standin to
John Lennon.   His voice and diction have been well accepted to be best on Lennon's
and he is happiest to play roles on John.   However, with the new reformation under many
good reasons, each Beatles position of John, Paul, George is no more fixed to players in
the Betters but it goes free.   Pharoe sings many of John's.   Hasanai helps on some of
Paul's and Ringo's.   Anyway, you will find this combination a unique and fantastic sounds
closest to the original Beatles.

The Betters comprises 4 highly talented and experienced musicians as follows (from left);

  1. Aisoon Thivavarnvong [ Band Leader/Lead Vocal/ Harmony Vocal/ Guitar]

  2. Sathaporn Nujdonpai [ Lead Guitar/ Lead and Harmony Vocal]

  3. Walan Panpet [ Bass Guitar/ Lead and Harmony Vocal]

  4. Jumpot Panyamongkol [ Drum ]

Why not getting kicks with these small MP3 samples from THE BETTERS ?